Achieving better health outcomes for children

We are a team of passionate and highly responsive experts and advisors who are wholly committed to pushing the boundaries on what is possible in order to make real and rapid change happen.”

Scott Berns, MD, MPH, FAAP, NICHQ President and CEO

Deep flaws in the systems responsible for children’s health perpetuate suffering for our nation’s children and their families. Among developed countries, the United States consistently remains among the worst performing on common indicators of well-being. While committed professionals and organizations nationwide work diligently for improvement, unfortunately, disparate efforts, poorly defined or misaligned initiatives, and social determinants affecting health make improvement a highly complex and challenging endeavor. This is where NICHQ’s expertise comes in.

We are a mission-driven nonprofit dedicated to driving dramatic and sustainable improvements in the complex issues facing children’s health. We are committed to building and managing effective change strategies that align partners and engage stakeholders to achieve better outcomes for children and their families. Every day, with the help of a network of exceptional and dedicated partners, we move closer to our vision of a world in which every child achieves optimal health.